Shouf Built Heritage Conservation Project: SBHCP is a pioneer conservation project started in 2009, focused on the Shouf District in Lebanon (73 villages,100 km2). Aims to conserve the built heritage of the Shouf, develop a responsible tourism industry and share our way of life with other regions in Lebanon.

Location: Office located in Moukhtara – Shouf - Mount Lebanon

Team: Project achieved by a team of experts consists of conservation architects, archeologists, historians, surveyors & photographers, etc..

Stakeholders: Shouf Built Heritage Conservation Project “SBHCP” team, Shouf Biosphere Reserve “SBR” team, Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve “SCNR”, federation of municipalities of the Higher Shouf, individual municipalities (12) of the Higher Shouf, Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, General Directorate of Antiquities “GDA”, Lebanese Ministry of Culture, General Directorate of Urbanism, local community, tourism services providers, non-governmental organizations “NGOs”, owners of historic houses and landowners, education development & management group “EduDMG”, Lebanese University-Institute of Fine Arts branch 4, conservation experts, engineers, craftsmen, skilled workers and artisans..