Shouf Heritage

A pioneer conservation project

Shouf Built Heritage Conservation Project (SBHCP) covers 73 villages located in one of the richest heritage regions in Lebanon. One of its main outputs accomplished is the Higher Shouf Conservation Project included 12 villages which covered an area of 100 km2, beginning with the Pre-historic and Bronze Age period, to the Phoenician, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and Ottoman periods.

Hundreds of archeological sites, historical monuments and traditional houses have been revealed, documented,

classified and implemented within a comprehensive conservation strategy.

For the first time in Lebanon, a master Eco-touristic plan has been proposed for the Higher Shouf region that includes a combination of both built and natural heritage with Shouf Biosphere Reserve to be expanded to other districts, through domestic internal tourism, that bring the Lebanesecloser to each other. “I have a house and family in every village in Lebanon”.

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